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New Jersey with the Kayak Fishing Show (SFM, June 2012)

From the June 2012 issue of Susquehanna Fishing Magazine:

Memorial Day Weekend with the Kayak Fishing Show
By John “Toast” Oast

            Over Memorial Day Weekend I had the great pleasure of filming with the Kayak Fishing Show at the Jersey Shore, where we were fishing for for stripers and bluefish.  The show airs on the World Fishing Network (WFN).  On Friday I met up with my friend Jim Sammons, the show’s host, and Will Richardson, the show’s producer.  We were joined by Chris Shoplock from Harry’s Army-Navy.  Jim and Will had just run up the shore after filming with some of my buddies in the Virginia Beach area.  Our goal was to highlight the great kayak angling opportunities just down the road in New Jersey.

            After getting “all our ducks in a row” Friday morning, and meeting up with our chase boat (Drake’s Waterfowl Guide), we headed towards the backwaters for some bluefish action.  We were throwing a combination of tackle.  I was lucky enough to catch the first two fish of the shoot (of course the first was a foul-hooked blue).  For a little more action, I was using a medium weight freshwater bass outfit, and tossing a jerkbait I often use for walleye.  It worked great!  Then the others got into the action, and Jim found the perfect pattern for the blues.  On the way in we were able to help out some fellow boaters, and I was glad I was in my Ocean Kayak Torque.  You’ll have to watch the episode to see what happened next…

            On Saturday Gerry Benedicto from Seaguar met up with us for his first ever kayak angling experience…  oh, and his first ever surf launch, too.  We launched off the beach to meet back up with our chase boat, and searched for big stripers about a mile offshore.  Throughout the day the conditions continued to build, and the swells began to face-up.  Of our group, I caught our lone striper, but it was a beautiful specimen, and an awesome fight from the kayak in the conditions!  When the weather began to look ominous, we decided to head in.  And my surf landing was less than impressive.

John"Toast" Oast landing a sizable striper...

            On Sunday morning we headed out early with another chase boat (On a Mission Fishing Adventures).  This time we mother-shipped the boats a couple miles offshore.  For most of the day the conditions were much better than the previous day, and Jim and Chris were both able to boat some nice stripers.  But again, by afternoon the conditions turned, and we were forced to head in.  Unfortunately we were able to see a helicopter search for a missing teenager from the beach as we returned to the marina.  Sunday was a very dramatic and exciting day, but again, watch the episode to see all the action.

Jim Sammons in search of New Jersey blues...

            A huge thanks goes out to Jim, Will, Chris, Gerry, Eric, and David.  It was a great weekend, and an experience I will never forget!

John “Toast” Oast is the publisher of Susquehanna Fishing Magazine and a member of the Ocean Kayak Pro Staff.  His kayak rigging videos have received thousands of views, and been linked to websites around the world.  For more information, visit and his Youtube page at

Koinonia Guide Service Susquehanna Fishing Report, 5/26/12

From Koinonia Guide Service:

Hi Gang,

The river was at 6.3 at the beginning of the week and at the end of the week we had 4.8 with 30,600CF of flow and 75 degrees.  

  1. Trip #1 – Guide Trip – This was on Wednesday and was a half day AM Bass Trip and we caught 40+ Bass and 5 Fallfish. The largest Bass was 18.75”. We caught them on Crankbaits, Stickbaits and Soft Plastics on Jigs. We had 5.0 – 37,400CF – Stained – Steady and 70 degrees. We had a BP of 29.80 and steady.
  2. Trip #2 – Guide Scouting Trip – This was on Wednesday and we fished from 4:30 to 8:30 PM and we boated 5 Flatheads and 4 small Channel Cats. The largest Flathead was 12.12#. We caught them on live bait and Jig/Crawlers. We had 5.0 – 37,400CF – Stained – Steady and 74 degrees.
  3. Trip #3 – Guide Bait Trip – This was a Thursday PM trip and we fished from 3:30 to 6:30 PM and we caught 1 Rockbass, 1 Channel Cat, 1 Yellow Perch, 3 Crappie and 80+ Sunfish. This was on a creek but the river was at 5.1 37,400CF – Steady – Stained and 74 degrees. We had a BP of 29.90 and rising.   
  4. Trip #4 - Guide Trip – This was a Friday PM half day trip for Catfish and we caught 4 Flatheads and 1 Channel Cat. The largest Flathead was 6#. We caught them all on live bait. We had 5.0 – 35,800CF – Stained – Falling and 79 degrees. We had a BP of 30.00 and steady.  
  5. Trip #5 – Guide Scouting Trip – This was Friday evening and we fished from 8:30 PM to 1:30 AM and we caught 4 Flatheads and 2 Channel Cats. The largest Flathead was 8# and the largest Channel Catfish was 3#. The river was 5.0 – Falling – Stained and 79 degrees. We had a BP of 30.00 and steady.
  6. Trip #6 – Guide Bait Trip – This was on Saturday morning and we fished from 8:30AM to 11:30 AM and we caught 5 Channel Cats, 3 Crappie, 1 Largemouth and 50+ Sunfish.
  7. Trip #7 – Guide Fun Trip – This was on Saturday morning and we fished from 11:00 to 2:00 PM and we caught 2 Walleye and 35 White Perch. This was on a Lake and we caught them on a Crawler Harness and Jig/worm combos. The largest Walleye was 18” and the largest White Perch was 12”.
  8. The White Perch and Sunfish fishing continues to be very good and you can bring home plenty to eat. These trips are late afternoon trips and are on a local lake. We are also catching some Walleye as well and the Walleye fishing should continue to build.
  9. The catfish bite is starting to get better and it should continue to become more consistent. The big Flathead to date was caught this week and is 12.12#. 

Please check out our Web Site at

                       HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND AND LUV THE TUG………REB